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    * My Review of Big Scoots

    Hello WHT,

    I started as a reseller with HostDime and I was having downtime at least once every month that was noticeable to both myself and my clients, server was always slow and sometimes connections would time out. I have decided to keep my own site on the reseller plan, and I also decided to take out a dedicated cPanel server with Big Scoots for the sake of my clients, as the last thing I want to do is provide them with a bad service.

    I had thousands of questions about the move, which I chatted to Scott and Justin about and gradually all of my questions were answered. Along with the questions, we generally had a personal chat (which you can't find very often these days) about the hosting industry in general and shared some tips and advice with each other.

    The main reason I went to Big Scoots was because of Scott contacting me over a year ago telling me that he was there if I needed any help or advice, not even attempting to make a sale.

    So far there has been no downtime on my server, it is fast, nice quick load times too. I still get the one on one personal support which I absolutely love which I did not get with Host Dime and my average ticket reply from them is less than 60 seconds. If you have an issue the problem is not just simply solved and end of, you are kept up to date with what they are doing.

    Justin and Scott are 2 of the most awesome people on this earth, in my opinion! I <3 Big Scoots.

    For proof that this review is legitimate I would be happy to provide some evidence upon a PM.
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    Thanks Jordan, and of course thank you for the chats as well -- its always nice to break up the day with a bit of an off topic laugh -- and perhaps from time to time get down to business Looking forward to a long successful relationship together


    Quote Originally Posted by Original Hosting View Post
    Justin and Scott are 2 of the most awesome people on this earth, in my opinion! I <3 BigScoots.
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