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    WHM Setup email with mailserver selection disabled?

    Hello everyone,

    I have a problem setting up an email. Our VPS has the mailselection server disabled in WHM. So under: Home Service Configuration Mailserver Selection, the option "Disabled" is selected.

    I need to forward an email account [email protected] to [email protected]. (Where somedomain and user are changed for privacy purposes). Should I do this in Cloudflare?

    How can I do this with Mailserver Selection disabled? I know it's possible because multiple domains did this, and point to another mailserver.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    If the mail server is disabled on your VPS, I do not think you can setup email forwarder from your cPanel. Also, you cannot setup it using CloudFlare.. If you do not want to enable email server for your VPS, you have to go for third party email service to setup email forwarder. Many domain registrar offer free domain/email forwarding service with registration....
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