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    123-reg hosting - any good?

    Hi y'all?

    Have you had any experience with 123-reg? What's your experiences with them?

    Are the servers quick? What's the pros and cons?

    Any advice is appreciated!

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    I'm looking at their cloud server hosting packages specifically...

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    My mailbox issue was taken care of very swiftly and efficiently, I also recovered my data within minutes. Could not ask for more.

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    Never use a registrar for hosting. (Namecheap is the exception here.)
    || Need a good host?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kpmedia View Post
    Never use a registrar for hosting. (Namecheap is the exception here.)
    Hey kpmedia - why do you say that?

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    Re: 123-reg hosting - any good?

    Their control panel is totall mess and very confusing..

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