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    * Live Streaming Service Needed!


    I'm freelancer, I got a job to broadcast (webcast/stream) live video of a lecture event on my client's webpage.

    * Total Video Hours: 48hrs.
    * Concurrent Viewers 200 maximum
    * Needed an code to insert in any webpage
    * We use Adobe Flash Media Encoder. If others, please explain how to work with? and its requirements, Pros/Cons.
    * Video: 640x480, 300kbps (HD ready is preferable)
    * Audio: 48 or 64 kbps. (but should be clean, to hear speeches clearly)
    * No Need Recording. Only Live.
    * No Need User Login.

    I'm seeking a fixed fee plan, No overrun (over usage) billing.

    I want a lower/cheap price/quote, because I work for my client, I earn from this.

    Which service provider, or method is best my requirements?

    Give me some suggestions/advices/recommendations or quotes please.

    Waiting for your replies.
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