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    .college and .xyz domains up for sale at namejet

    Seemslike .college and .xyz gtld are up for sakle at namejet at
    you can read more about it at

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    Wow, how exciting (not!)

    I don't think there is a single domain name there that I would find at all appealing.

    .xyz??? What's the point?

    And What would anyone want to do with those?

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    Yeah they are amazing domains and I've been following their tweets, etc.

    xyz, why not last letters of the alphabet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lubeca View Post

    And What would anyone want to do with those?
    Ever heard of a Debt support agency, people who help you get out of debt? 50% or more of College / University students take out loans to support themselves during their term... What can they do now? visit and get support.
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    Men never run out of ideas. Too many extensions coming out right now. .college, .xyz, .uno, .menu, .luxury, .archi, .bike, .bio, .blackfriday, .contractors, .equipment, .guitars, .estate, .hiphop, .holdings, .lighting, .plumbing, and so many more. I won't wonder if .garbage would join the group too.

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