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    Cloudstack + KVM issues


    I have numerous issues with cloudstack and kvm. Firstly, it says snapshots for kvm is not enabled. It is still not implemented. Secondly, I have created a CentOS 6.4 template. When create a VM from tthis template, it has no network access. ifconfig shows eth0 but new IP is not assigned and when try to assign manually says device does not seem to be present.

    I am running all the lastest versions. Did I choose wrong cloud system?

    I'm unable to post in their mailing list. It does not accept my mails.
    Please help me/

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    Late reply
    Still having issues ?

    Are you using advanced or basic zone setup ?
    Have you checked if the bridge settings are correct and correctly labeled ?
    Latest version = 4.2 ?

    You can PM me.
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