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    Multiple domain for same source code & database - SEO impact


    I need advice on how to deal with it. I have one big website named having a database with many URL's such as, etc. Now I have created two more domains pointing to same sourcecode & same database as i.e.
    & I don't want & should be crawled by google so that I do not get penalized for SEO & google
    ranking. Please advice.

    I am looking for solution such as if the current URL is then is not crawable by google or blocked for google. I am not
    sure whether this can be done via robots.txt or .htaccess.


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    Hi did you found a solution for this or do you still looking for a solution
    - Albert

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    Not yet...I am looking for correct solution from SEO perspective.

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    you can go with both robots.txt and .htaccess

    its your choice to deal with.

    if i have to choose, i will surly go with .htaccess.
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