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    I can vi .htaccess but dir doesn't show it and I don't think it works

    Centos 6.4
    Apache 2.2
    VPS full root access

    I created the .htaccess file in an effort to get WordPress to run correctly.

    But I can't see it with "dir" or "ls -a" in the command line. "locate .htaccess" comes up empty.

    "vi .htaccess" brings up the file the way I wrote it.

    And it doesn't seem like it had the desired effect ... new pages still come up 404 not found.

    What don't I understand, would you say?

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    Try "ls -la".
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    ls -a should display the file. Are you sure you're using vi correctly? For a new user, it can be a bit tricky to use. You must remember to write the file before exiting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bear View Post
    Try "ls -la".
    There it is!

    ... still have to figure out why it doesn't work though. I wonder if it's a permissions issue.

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    Ownership and permissions will be shown by ls -la. Another thing to check: are you sure your current working directory is the right place to put the .htaccess file? Perhaps try:
    vi /home/username/public_html/.htaccess
    (change path as appropriate)

    "locate" usually requires an "updatedb" as root to pick up recent changes.

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    Also make sure that mod_rewrite in enabled in Apache configuration.
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    Make sure you write the contents to the .htaccess files well enough.

    Use a normal text editor on your local machine and upload it through ftp if you are not comfortable with the vi editor.

    Also, make sure the owner and group are set to "username" and not "root".
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    You can always use nano or pico editor if your not skilled in vi, might be easier then the ftp option

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    Try to install nano via :

    PHP Code:
    yum install nano 
    then try
    nano /URL/.htaccess

    Hope this will work for you

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