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    total noob needs help finding a solution

    Hi, total noob here. I'm not sure where to ask this b/c it covers more than 1 topic, but maybe this forum would be ok. I don't know too much about any of this stuff, but i've been reading up on a few things. unfortunately all that reading might have made me even more confused lol.

    basically here is the situation.

    1. we have a small home business and a website set up for online orders. it does not get a lot of traffic every month. the website itself, and the files is probably under 2gb. we only have 1 email address for it.

    2. we have our own domain being hosted by someone but the problem is spam and their customer support has gone down the toilet over the past year. the email address being used is over 10 years old and gets 100-200 spam emails per day. Cpanel with spam assassin does not seem to put a dent in it. At this time getting a new email address is not an option, since this one has been used for the business for all these years. but getting a new hosting provider is welcomed if we can tackle this spam issue.

    3. the current hosting provider does not seem to want to help when we ask about the spam issue. but at the same time, other companies i have contacted have not seemed too interested in helping either. (probably b/c we don't need anything fancy or expensive).

    4. in my research i came across stuff like this:


    and something called sought rules

    but the problem is since I am a total noob, I don't know how to set any of that up on my own. I am at the mercy of the current provier, or other companies, and every time I ask for help I get no reply. i even write other companies saying if they can help set that up we would switch to them, but i never get a reply back. we really are just small fish and inconsequential to them.

    then i came across something called "postgrey" ...Which seemed interesting to me and might be simpler to set up on my own. Especially since i found that 'how to' guide..

    5. So since I've gotten no help by other companies about the spam issue etc, I figure maybe I have to just do this alone and set it up on my own. this leads me to start considering a vps. I don't even know what exactly that is or if that would be best suited for us, so i started looking into vps stuff my brain gets dizzy trying to understand all the differences. theres apparently all kinds of different types "svz" and "skvm" and "cvz-e5" "ckvm-e5" (which I don't really understand the differences) and not only that but apparently some "cloud vps" now too.

    so i someone managed to read this far, i guess my question would be: can someone recommend me something? In an ideal world it would be less complicated if we did not have to juggle separate email/website hosting providers. we would be perfectly happy just getting new hosting, but as i mentioned i never got any satisfactory replies when i asked them about #4 above.

    Considering the extent of the spam we get daily, it would seem we would need some of those custom scripts (or whatever they are called). But if the only way to get something like #4 is to go the #5 option, then I'm at a complete loss of what to get.

    hope someone can give some advice

    thanks in advance

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    Have you considered using gmail/google apps? You can set it to work with your domain/email. The spam protection in gmail is as good as it gets. You can keep your current host (or not) it would work independently of your website hosting. And since you only have 1 email address, you can get apps for business for just $5/month
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    What sort of Spam?
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    We get all kinds of spam. Some in foreign language, some of the 'adult' nature, some pretending to be a bank or fedex. just about any you can think of.

    Its really gotten much worse over the past few months.

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    You should look into Google Apps as RonISQ suggested. It's pretty simple to get setup with and running, and the spam protection is.. well.. google standard. It can't get better than that

    It used to be free, but now it isn't. It costs around $5/month/user but, again as RonISQ said, since you're only using one mailbox it should only cost you $5/month. It does require adding a couple DNS records and such but that's an easy task too assuming you have cPanel.
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    yes we have cpanel. what is the difference between spam assassin and google apps? would it really make that much of a difference? also i'm worried about google's lack of customer support. at least with what we have now, i can submit a support ticket and get a reply in a day or two. which is terrible in my opinion but at least an actual human replies back.

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    ps. i forgot to mention i'm getting some private messages.. and i appreciate the offers for some services, but $30-$60 a month is way out of budget for us. when i say a small in home business i mean it

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    Quote Originally Posted by nrrona View Post
    ps. i forgot to mention i'm getting some private messages.. and i appreciate the offers for some services, but $30-$60 a month is way out of budget for us. when i say a small in home business i mean it
    They shouldn't be doing that - do us all a favour and click 'report' on the private message

    Google's spam detection is rather good - it's rare a spam email makes it through to my inbox.

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