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    sendmail: can't determine username


    My email are not working from wordpress blog

    When I try to send emails from wordpress blog then apache logs shows the error " sendmail: can't determine username ".

    I am unable to reset the password because the email is not working.

    Please provide me the exact solution on this issue, I want to solve this issue on server side. I do not want to use any external plugin.

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    Some googling got me this

    If you need to change your password there are 6 or 7 ways there. Not just email password change

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    For sendmail to throw that error means it can't figure out what Unix user the web server process is running as. This likely means the user is not in /etc/passwd - perhaps this is a chrooted installation?

    If you can't/don't want to figure out the sendmail problem, once you have reset your Wordpress password you could install a plugin to have Wordpress send mails using SMTP instead of by running the sendmail binary. I use a plugin called WP-Mail-SMTP for this.

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    Choose a plugin then setup your smtp account to send mail, do not use the default smtp.

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    Is your website hosted on shared hosting server? If default PHP mail() does not work, you can use SMTP authentication plugin for your WordPress.
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