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    Review: (VPS)


    I've mentioned in posts in the past regarding and their service. This time I'll do a proper review.

    I currently have or attached to 3 VPSs - 2 for game hosting, 1 for web hosting (among other services of theirs). I also use VPS from VanVps, RocketVPS and Ubiquity (currently, not past) so this is in relation and keeping in mind I'm not new to this.

    I currently have a 1 core/1gb ram VPS in Seattle with them that's being used for development, as it's close and very well priced. One thing I love about NFO is they do not overload their servers because they are a top tier gaming provider.. if they did you would DEFINATELY notice in their games so they need to keep their servers very well balanced. It's noticeable from day one you'll see no issues with io wait. They also have great routing with InterNAP in all of their cities (I think they're in 8 currently?)

    You also have control over firewall rules in their custom made control panel to help with basic mitigation beyond what CSF would allow you. I've used it in the past to block out query attacks to my source game engine

    They don't offer your typical hosting panels as they're a game server provider first - though you can always install your own (cpanel, webmin, etc). They offer both Linux/Windows installs and SSD space, upgrade ram only..

    I haven't had any issues with them regarding uptime, support, reliability, speed, performance. I'd recommend this to anyone looking at doing development, testing or running ping sensitive applications.

    I've used NFO on and off for probably 6 years now. Go take a look at their services.

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    Do you have a disk I/O test?

    "dd bs=1M count=256 if=/dev/zero of=test conv=fdatasync"

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