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    Discussion on OVH

    Why isn't there any interest on new OVH 2014? They have their latest plan posted on their UK forum

    And I think it will be interesting to see how it turns out. They are implementation New Range of Servers and Plans.

    I wonder how is OVH's Network like? I know they own most part of their network but what major carriers do they have paired with.
    Anyone knows?

    It is no point having cheap and powerful Servers while the Network is crap.

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    I believe their network is pretty good, a lot of hosting companies use them for their affordable prices which they pass on to clients. When I say hosting companies, the majority of smaller ones who don't co-locate or have their own datacentre will use OVH.

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    Does any one knows the date when they re-start to sell server again? Its all "sold-out" on their website.

  4. OVH network is solid, running some VPS nodes with them for a few months.
    Never had any downtime, only once cause of a fiber cut, it was routed on a much slower link, but at least servers were reachable.

    Only have experience with BHS tho.
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    They are good, maybe it will be good when they finally stock back up, but I have found a dozen providers who can match them so it was a good thing for me

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    their kimsufi offers are on sale again.
    It appears that they finally introduced setup fee for their budget lines now. At least it discourage existent customer to drop their older server line to get a new one

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    We have 2 servers in ovh and the network is great for almost 4 months 100% uptime, also the same in online dot net great network and servers. !
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    Just look at:

    That will help you better understand their network and based on that which location is best suited for you. - Managed dedicated servers, cloud servers and software development.

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    Why isn't there any interest on new OVH 2014? They have their latest plan posted on their UK forum
    Limited to French customers. Orders outside France is not available.

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    Guessing the availability of the offerings is the reason it's not being mentioned much yet since it's only in certain areas.

    OVH has a solid network for their pricing structure, Criot it correct, quite a few smaller beginner hosts use their equipment. Although I'd say quite a few budget providers in the U.S. have VERY close pricing for quite a solid network.

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