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    OVH CDN - reliable alternative?


    Switching to OVH CDN was positive at first.
    Our webproject does not need minimum latency, so it's been OK for us to have fast CDN response time in European, US, Japan. China and Australia are connecting slowly though Anycast DNS. The dedicated Anycast IP is great, but there is no node in/near China and Australia.
    Storage and Cache Rules also are easy to setup and deal with.
    Our monthly demand of bandwith is around 100TB which makes the pricing really relevant to us. <800 is very competive, I think.
    However, we had to figure out that the budget service is limited.
    -Support is friendly, but not helpful.
    -3 of 6 months, we had downtime because CDN bypassing just fails as soon as prepaid bandwidth is exceeded. It look like this will never be fixed. As soon as the prepaid bw is gone, the CDN returns error page which means a full downtime for our website. Per contract, when prepaid is empty, the IP is bypassing the CDN and directly pointing to the backnet servers. Big Fail!
    -Alerts on low bandwidth: There is an alert system defined which is a good idea (knowing that bypass is broken). However, this one is sending the alert after or same time as CDN is shut down because of empty prepaid account. Next Fail. 2 of 3 times, this happened. So it's not an one-time but recurring issue.

    We are fed up with these issues and short-term fixes which do not really solve problems at this service, happening again and again :-(

    Is there another, more-reliable CDN provider with similar pricing on a monthly demand of 100TB (60% Europe, 20% US, 10%China, 5% Australia, 5% other), cache storage max 5GB?


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    Yes, OVH is not an "enterprise" service, more of a developer/hands off/no support service. Killer deals, and perfect for low budget but you have to sacrifice network speed/reliability/support.

    You can look at - UK2 group, very reliable global network. Based mostly out of Softlayer DCs owned by NTT, one of the largest, if not the largest comms/bandwidth operator. More than twice your current budget though!

    There is also cloudflare which you can look at, they are very cheap and do not cap bandwidth, so you may not get the fastest speeds. I am not sure how they deal with your kind of requirements.

    And there is also Amazon AWS CloudFront which should come closer to your budget, the billing with them can be pretty complicated though.
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    100tb: I will check this out. Need to explain the director, why our cost of CDN are increasing now.

    AWS: The complex cost calculation is really a disadvantage. Their on-demand service is nice, but not compatible to some companies and budget allocation/approval process.
    Btw. I am not sure how well they handle SSL requests. I remember lots of hazzle when using aws in another project as soon as we had to use serve http...

    Cloudflare: Sorry for this question. I read their description and plans but still have not found a price per bandwidth, like X per 1TB. Something's wrong here, isn't it?!
    If the product functions, I don't need (personal) service. Only emergency service - if any - should be managed in a better way than OVH.
    I see no issue if the bandwidth is shared or routes have different response times as long as it's still acceptable. We have no realtime application, just serving 2-5MB media files.

    I'd even say, we are a easy customer, hardly any service demand, no custom setup, out-of-the-box client :-)

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