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    * Help me to choose host!?!?

    Hi guys,
    My friend wants to start a new blog, and he is asking me which host he should use. I want to make some money so what web hosting affiliate program is best? I will only get 1 referral (my friend) so what should I use? Dream host? Hostgator?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Help me to choose host!?!?

    Many hosts have many great affiliate programs for seems a little pointless for just to refer your buddy.
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    Avoid unlimited webhost at any cost .HG & Dreamhost got some recent -ve reviews on WHT regarding level of service and support they are offering. Just search WHT and you'll get the result .

    Better to check affiliate program of any other reputed webhosting companies.From which area majority of visitors come ? Any special requirement ? Budget ?
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    You have to compare some affiliate programs, and check the service quality also..
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    Out of the two HostGator is what I would go with but if you are open to other options then I am pretty sure that you will find a better provider.
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    Are you looking for a specific control panel (I.e. Directadmin)? What about location? Do you need any specific features?

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    If you want him to remain your friend, recommend the best host you can find not the best-paying affiliate program. Ideally you should ensure that you don't profit from his decision - so there can be no doubt that your advice was given honestly.

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    We can only recommend providers we've used, I've used the following and was pleased with their services.

    - FreshRoastedhosting (I use them for a VPS).
    - CrocWeb (I used them for personal websites before).
    - GreenValueHost (I use them for a small VPS).
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    price you want to pay, there are many good providers.

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    You wont receive much from 1 referral on a shared hosting package. You best option is to focus on a reliable host.
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    If you want a quick buck, just Google "best web hosting" or "top 10 web host", the ones at the top pay to be at the top, and give out the best commission. $100-120 seems to be the figure, althought I'm sure you can find more.

    They're all more or less owned by the same massive corporation: so service levels are pretty much the same. Someone mentioned Hostgator service levels declining, thats because EIG bought them out last year.

    Try and hit a UK based one as the GBP sterling converts better!

    If you'd rather find a reliable/realistic host, look at hosts with disk space/bandwidth limits. Generally they will not buy customers, or will have less commission.
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    Quote Originally Posted by foobic View Post
    If you want him to remain your friend, recommend the best host you can find not the best-paying affiliate program. Ideally you should ensure that you don't profit from his decision - so there can be no doubt that your advice was given honestly.
    ^ This is what I was going to write.

    i.e., Be a good friend, not a douchy "friend" that uses him and gives bad advice.

    I've always suggested Stablehost to my friends. I've had then for at least 4+ years now. (I've lost track of how long I've been with them now.) And every one of them has been happy to date. As have I.
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    If you want to make money one referral is not going to be of any help.
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