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    Exclamation DELL C6100 setup...

    Does anyone offer management and setup service for a Dell C6100 ?

    I am buying one very soon I just need it setup, this a 4-nodes machine, will buy along with a 16-port switch, The DC will host my switch and provide WAN connectivity to the switch only !

    The switch needs to be configured properly to provide internet connectivity + KVM access to all 4-nodes on the C6100...

    The entire story is discussed here:

    Unfortunately the DC won't do that neither free no charged, so am seeking someone experienced to this for me and will pay him for remote hands/hour..

    Sorry if this is the incorrect section to post this thread !..

    PM me if interested..

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    Where is it physically?

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    What location did you desire to Colocate this C6100 machine?

    You should be able to get away with just 3U of space, one network uplink, and 2-3 power ports (depending if using redundant power on the C6100 or not).

    FYI...the C6100 is a pain for configuring the remote kvm functions. Our staff complains about them all the time. Once you get used to it, not so bad, but really not as simple as alot of other ones out there.

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    Wouldn't you need someone physically at the datacenter to setup the KVM / IPMI functions for you? Those do have to be set in the BIOS which would require either someone physically there or an already-functioning KVM device such as a Spider.

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    In order to avoid the data center charging you extra you need to pre-configure the network before shipping it to DC.
    This requires at least basic knowledge plus obtaining IP details from DC before shipping.

    Try and post this in a section here: - Managed dedicated servers, cloud servers and software development.

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    Many providers should have no problem doing this setup. As I recommended in your original thread (, we recommend this setup to customers.
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