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    Thumbs up Limited Stock ★ RDNS ★ IPv6-Ready ★ GbE ★ China Direct ★ Singapore SSD VPS from $7/m

    Welcome to IndoVirtue, where server hosting has never been this fast, easy and affordable.

    ★ VPS Packages (Less than 10 in stock!)

    512 MB RAM, 32MB vSwap
    10 GB SSD Storage
    1 vCPU Core
    200 GB Bandwidth
    $7/month. Order Now!

    1024 MB RAM, 32MB vSwap
    20 GB SSD Storage
    1 vCPU Core
    400 GB Bandwidth
    $14/month. Order Now!

    2048 MB RAM, 32MB vSwap
    40 GB SSD Storage
    1 vCPU Core
    800 GB Bandwidth
    $28/month. Order Now!

    4096 MB RAM, 32MB vSwap
    80 GB SSD Storage
    1 vCPU Core
    1600 GB Bandwidth
    $56/month. Order Now!

    ★ VPS Details

    ★ Summary of Legal aspects
    • IndoVirtue servers is protected by RAID storage with offsite weekly backup. However, we are not offering any data integrities guarantee / liability. Please backup your own data regulary.
    • All services are provided on an "as is" basis. IndoVirtue will not be responsible for any damages your business may suffer.
    • 99.9% uptime guarantee applied, except on scheduled maintenance and DDOS attack. Service Level Agreement claims will be made in the form of account credit only.
    • Network null will be applied if your VPS is attacked by DDOS. Repeated attacks means service refund from us.
    • TOR, Adult/pornographic, Virus/worm/trojan and copyrighted content is prohibited. You will be allowed twenty four hours to respond to the complaint.
    • Legal by law activities only. Obvious spamming, phising, port scanning, and hacking activities means instant termination.
    • CPU abusive activities like Minecraft, Valve's source game servers and video encoding is prohibited. Please order our specialized game server products instead, or make a ticket for spesific permission and exception.
    • Detailed TOS, AUP, and privacy policy is in here. By signing up to our service, you are agree with our terms. Please read in details before.

    This thread is not meant for support. Instead, please contact us via our support ticket system if you have further pre-sales questions.

    Thank you for spending your time in reading this thread in details, we really appreciate it. Have a good day.
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