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    Jan 2004

    Through the years since joining here what have you been through?

    For me quite a bit since I joined in 2004.

    Lets see here.

    No matter what project I cooked up I always came here for advice and to look for hosting.

    I cant remember much between 2004-2006

    2006 opened a video site
    2007 sold video site
    2008 opened forum
    2008 sold forum
    2010 created a hosting company built it then closed it after two customers (Hosting is not for me)

    Currently I own one busy forum and I am happy. I found that I am happiest in a community amongst friends

    What have you been through over the years since joining here?

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    I have sold 2 businesses, had over a dozen failures and had dozens of successes ranging in scale from almost nothing a month to more than is polite to share .

    The reason I know the years below is because I got into a conversation about this a few days ago with one of my parents.

    5 Years Old - First Job working for a family member, I was taught about money early on and always had to work for it. "I recommend every parent do this at a young age because it set me straight with how money works at an early age".

    6 Years Old - Sold wood homeade airplanes for $0.06, no one would buy them

    7 Years Old - Chalk Driveway Paintings - made $10 in one hour

    8 Years Old - Lemonade Stands around the neighborhood

    9 Years Old - Recycling Soda Cans - made around $30 per month

    11 Years Old - Garage Sales, I rounded up items that were thrown out and given away by people who were moving as well as donations from friends. Made around $500 per month.

    11 Years Old - Started my eBay & Dropshipping career which lasted from 2001-2008. I also started a web design firm the same year while I learned how to build my own ecommerce stores. I had a few businesses that became powerseller status before the age of 15.

    18 Years Old - Started my first SMB service company

    23 Years Old "Today" - I own a fast growing holding company and getting involved with investments such as PE, LBOs, VC & Real Estate.

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