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    Different Plans for Different Clients in WHMCS possible ?

    Hello People, a total newbie here .

    Here is my query/situation - Is it possible to setup products in WHMCS in such a way that only some specific products are visible to specific clients ? For example, Lets say I have 4 plans/products set up i.e. Plan1, Plan2, Plan3 and Plan4. Now I have 2 clients, i.e. Client 1 and Client 2. Now is it possible to set things up somehow so that Client1 can only see/order Plan1 and Plan2 from WHMCS client area and Client2 can only see/order Plan3 and Plan4.

    Hope it made sense . Awaiting replies

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    One way to sort of accomplish this would be to hide the items from the order form and just provide the direct product URL's for each product to the respective clients.

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