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    Question Transferring from one Reseller Host to another - should you inform your customers?

    I'm going to switch my Reseller host to an identical setup (cPanel) and was wondering if I need to inform my customers (about 30 accounts or so). Most of them are not technically inclined, they're your average WordPress bloggers, with a few small businesses thrown in.

    Although I'm not anticipating any problems, there's always the potential for hiccups caused by IP address changes. Should I warn my clients of potential service interruptions, or should I not alarm them unnecessarily? We know some folks get all flustered at the thought of their websites going down, even if they generally don't get more than a handful of visitors to their sites per day.

    Any advice from someone who has been in a similar situation would be appreciated.

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    You should inform all of them about server change/upgradation .Better to take backups of all clients website in safe place before migration to avoid any risk .IP Address change may also lead to downtime to some users or can create inconsistency in forums .
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    Absolutely. It's always better for your clients to be in the loop. Imagine if you go to your own website, find it down, and you're not sure why. Then when you contact your web hosting company, you find out that they migrated your account. I'd definitely be upset to see that they migrated me without telling me.

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    You should certainly advise clients. You can't guarantee that the migration will go smoothly, having the clients in the loop will allow them to prepare for any potential downtime or issues that may arise with their website due to the change of server and IP address.

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    Sound advice, thank you.

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    1) Before transfer, make sure you have full cPanel backup of all accounts.

    2) Don't terminate accounts on old server after transfer. Keep accounts active on old server after transfer for minimum 48 hours to avoid downtime because of DNS propagation.

    3) Your transfer to new server will result change of IP address. If any of your client is using A Record instead of nameserver, send him new server IP so that he can make required changes in domain control panel.

    4) You should consider informing your client about the transfer (Before / After).

    5) After transfer, ask your client to check their websites to ensure all websites are working normal on new server.
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    Communication is everything in this industry and you'll be suprised how understanding clients can be. Imagine you said nothing and ran into problems with extended problems - your clients would be understandably upset. But if you let them know ahead of time and laid out the timeframe and warned them that problems may arise they will be expecting it and there will be no suprises and anger kept to a minimum.
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    Re: Transferring from one Reseller Host to another - should you inform your customers

    Yes because you will have new nameservers, plus it shows that you care about them. + to the above. Also if a client hasn't updated changes or didn't read the emails, it's not your fault.
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    Definitely tell them. All hosting servers are configured differently. A script/software package that works fine at one provider may not function at all at another one, you should make your customers aware so if there are problems, they know it's a host issue, and not the software.

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    Yes. Always inform your clients of any move/upgrade/potential downtime etc.

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    Please do. Even if you know all of your customers some of them might use a web developer to setup their site in a way you didn't anticipate.

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    Yes, I would inform your clients - like others have said, you would be surprised how understanding clients can be.
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    Most of the time one moves to another host for something better (more space, better server, you name it), clients will definitely understand that when you are upgrading your services even if there is minimum downtime, of course this shouldn't happen every 2 months or they won't be that understanding.
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    There is no question you should tell them. Some might even need the new IP for an a record. Just put a spin on the move to make it sound great.
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    If your new provider can't offer a solution without downtime and you can't use both services in the same time until the new name servers are up than you should definitely inform your clients. If you have bad luck and something happens you will avoid having a tone of phone calls and angry people on your head.

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    You should have your setup so there is 0% downtime.. but tell them in a nice friendly flyer If the flyer is pure informational, people tend to worry and click F5 on their website A LOT (in our experience) which has blow up peoples (very badly installed) joomla's

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    Sure, you should do that. Usually the migration just take 15 minutes for down time. So you should transfer the accounts to your new hosting then switch the dns.

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    You should must inform your all customers
    As they know they that if your are transferring , it is just for their advantages

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