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    US site managed at UK data center, yes or no?

    Hey everybody,

    First time posting here, after researching for awhile. Couldn't find an existing discussion on this topic -- I bet it's here, but I must have missed it. The question: any compelling reason(s) not to host a US site at a UK data center on a managed account?

    Right now my site is hosted by a large, well-known US company. I'm not going to name the company, because I'm a little unhappy about my current situation. Here it is in a nutshell:

    My site, which is my primary means of income via advertising revenue, is a mostly an online forum community with 1.5 million posts running on vBulletin, but it's also a WordPress blog with several hundred articles. Currently the site gets about 15,000 hits per day. The total transferred bandwidth averages out to be around 500GB per month. Automatic backups are made daily, and I'm paying ~$600/mo. on average. The server OS is Ubuntu 8.04.2 LTS with 8GB of RAM.

    I'm a completely clueless newbie with regard to servers and hosting. This server was set up a couple of years ago by a local IT guy who did contract work for me. He handled everything on the server side. He was really good at managing it. All I had to do, was to pay the bill. He has since been hired away by a very large and well-known computer company. I was happy that he landed such a good job, but now I'm on my own, and I don't know the first thing about server administration.

    I figured I needed to upgrade my hosting account to a managed status, and my current host has been advertising that option: "upgrade now to a fully managed account!" For one thing, I thought the server should be updated to a newer OS, but I don't know how to do that on my own. I don't know how to do anything server related on my own. So, I applied for the upgrade to a fully managed account.

    My hosting company rejected my application for a managed account. They said the reason was due to the fact that they no longer support the outdated OS on my server. Not knowing anything about how this business works, that news frustrated me a little bit. I know my server OS is outdated. Getting it brought up to a current version is the first thing I wanted to do with my managed account. But apparently that's not how a managed account works. At least, not with this hosting company.

    As a solution, my hosting company referred me to another third-party company that I could hire to perform the server OS upgrade. But, that company would charge me $300 for the service, which basically is a migration to a new server on my current host. But then I thought, if I'm going to pay for a migration, why not look into a different hosting provider altogether.

    Which brings me to my question about having a US site on a UK data center. I had mentioned that my forum is running on vBulletin. I want to change the forum software to XenForo and I'm contracting with a XenForo specialist in the EU to help with that. He's recommending his own host, which is Nimbus. It's based in the UK. They seem to be a good match for my site, with an option for automatic backups and other important things, and supposedly they'll do the migration for free. But I'm not sure about using a UK data center to host and manage a US site. 50% of my traffic comes from the US, and I'm in the US, so shouldn't my site be hosted in the US as well? Or is that even an issue. I don't know, so that's why I've made this long post here. Thanks in advance if you have any helpful input to provide.
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    There should be no issues at all except of latency issues if any. Try to ask them (The new provider) for an IP address to ping and for a test download file to check on the transfer rates, latency or packet loss. You can traceroute the IP they provide to you which should show any routing problems between your ISP to their network. You can ask them directly about their peering and routing as well.
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    I think your first port of call would be to establish someone who can manage this setup for you prior to you even consider moving it away. The budget your paying you could have a nice server specially within the EU location.

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    Upcoming Issues while you're going to host US-targeted site in UK ?

    1.Latency -> Speed of website for U.S users and hence may effect SEO .
    2.Type of New Webhosting company -> Level of support ,how friendly they are and level of service they actually going to offer you .
    3.Migration : Lead to downtime and hence inform the same to all forum members .

    Solutions :
    1.Why not any other stable and reputated US webhost ?
    2.Check reviews ,ask them personally all sorts of queries .
    3.Listed above .
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  5. If your forum is mainly for US/NA customers, I would suggest to get a server in US/CA. There is no issue moving it to EU, but you will have extra latency + possible packetloss. In the end your forum will be slower to your visitors coming from North America.

    With your budget you can get plenty of managed solutions on a brand new server in the US/CA.

    First, I would move your forum on a new server, then do a migration to XenForo.
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    Many thanks to everyone who replied. I appreciate your advice very much! I'll look for another US host, based on your input.

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    Google has Started the GEO Target that came from different region, if you have UK Data center, you can managed your hosting services with a brand new server with 50% Traffic come from UK and USA

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