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    ispconfig dns zone issue


    we have registered a domain and 2 name servers
    we also have installed centos6.4 with bind dns server
    we also have installed ispconfig 3 on our webserver nginx
    we have made dns zones and configured out domain to point
    the webserver but somehow not only that the name servers do not

    resolve but the domain is not pointing at any ip on nslookup
    we are quite desperate with the procedure and we believe that maybe

    ispconfig 3 does not write the changes we make in dns zones on the

    bind dns server.

    does anyone know where the changes ispcofing 3 does take place on bind

    is there any other way we can find out if the zone we have created on

    ispconfig 3 has any effect on our dns server ?


  2. ISPconfig 3 has his own DNS server, so you need to use your ISPConfig IPs as nameservers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrkhoros View Post
    is there any other way we can find out if the zone we have created on
    /etc/named.conf.local and /var/named .

    You should see it there.
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    my /etc/named.conf.local is empty although i have created a zone. is that a problem ? what should be inside it ?

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