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    Xen installation - Fairly old IBM server

    Looking to expand business and recently found a IBM x3550 to test out and put into a datacenter. Would like to hire someone part time to run through some things such as configuring xen properly on centOS as well as configuring solusVM properly over the current network.

    This is not a teaching session nor a hand-holding session, I am merely looking for a skilled admin to take charge and show me what's wrong and the proper, most effective way to do things.

    Knowledge with linux shell, solusvm, xen, openVZ, etc is obviously mandatory. Payment can be discussed based on qualifications. Send PM or email [email protected]

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    Hello Chris,

    I sent you an email. Kindly check.

    Thank you
    Andrew N. - Senior System Administrator
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    EmergencySupport - Professional System Administrator and R1Soft Backup Services

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    Bangalore - India

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    I would be happy to install Xen on your system. Drop me an email: jh at

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    Rundown of the job:

    Just need a basic OpenVZ installation with SolusVM and network config on centOS 6.4

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhadley View Post
    I would be happy to install Xen on your system. Drop me an email: jh at
    Sent you an email.

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    Xen installation - Fairly old IBM server

    Still need a cheap sysadmin to get ssh working and solusvm installed properly.

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    Our team of certified professional technical engineers can do this for you.

    Please submit a ticket here to our sales department referencing this thread with your desired payment for this and we'll work this out with you.

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    Laswa Technologies can perform this task for an affordable price. Kindly read further and also check PM to know our quote.

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