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    shopping cart

    ca=n any give me some name of cart that work with Authorize.Net

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    Pretty much all of them. is one of the most used processing companies, and if its not already integrated in the shoppingcart, theres very likely a module or addon available for free or very cheap.

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    As bindner said pretty much all popular carts have it integrated. Some examples are OSCommerce and Zencart. Web Hosting You'll Brag About!
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    Id probably say Prestashop or Opencart is some of the more "fresh" shoppingcarts Magento if youre either rich or have code skills and a big server. Personally Im using cubecart version 4, and loving it, but only because its heavily modded, and it has cost me a lot of money to get it exactly the way I like it - had I to start over these days, Id probably go with Prestashop or Opencart. Zencart is hopelessly square and stiff - OSCommerce is to faulty and tedious to work with IMO.

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    can i get some help getting opencart integrated with Authorize.Net

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    Most carts integrate with shopify for example

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    Quote Originally Posted by alaskaman View Post
    can i get some help getting opencart integrated with Authorize.Net
    Once you have OpenCart installed, login into your admin area. From there choose Extensions and then the Payment menu. There you will see a list of options and next to each you have an Install button. You would also need to setup your API Login and Transaction Key. This action is performed through your account with Those are pretty much the basics

    My personal choice would still be PrestaShop tho, integration is just as easy but the shopping cart itself is much more functional and has better design options. where Service always comes with a smiling face!
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    We're using WooCommerce (better than most commercial scripts) and a theme (last one we used was this one).
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    I'd also suggest OpenCart. It can be a bit of a pain to get it configured to start with but is well supported by the community.
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    Prestashop works with out of the box, it is a pretty easy set up and they have a great community.

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    I would suggest OpenCart.
    I find Magento cumbersome, I mean why all those files and tables from the beginning?
    I like it when I am given the option to install a minimal version of something like Drupal and Linux do.

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