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    * Xinix hosting - Are you guys still alive ? I need an answer!


    I have a reseller account with you, Couple months back you had some issues and i was down for days with no information at all. I called the number from your website but the guy who picked the phone said he dont know who his XINIX.

    A 2 days downtime came just few days after.. Since you were really cheap I thought it's what I am paying for. Cannot complaint.

    Further, again before 2 week I was down, when i checked your website you were down too. I tried to reach with no luck. Either via live chat or support ticket.

    Then you sent me a billing invoice, i emailed you back asking if you can convert the billing to 3 months instead of yearly because of the down times i wanted to be sure you are going good now in next 3 months and then commit to yearly.

    I got no response and I was down again. tried to reach you with no luck. After 2 days I saw somehow my accounts got restored from an old back and the data on the account was like the initial data I had when migrating (Kind of you downloaded my backups directly from the amazon links i gave while signing up).

    I created another ticket asking for information and my data, you didn't responded for 24 hrs and then said "we are working on it" and since then no response. Been 3 days now!

    I am just asking are you still alive ? I understand you were too cheap to begin with but that was my mistake but since you were doing business don't you think you should at least respond to tickets ? I am a reseller, I am accountable for my customers and I have no answer to tell them what;s going on!

    Here are some screenshot for reference..

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    I hope they turn it round for you!
    Sounds like a bit of a nightmare.

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    I am sorry to hear what you are experiencing. It does sound like they have some issues ongoing. Hopefully you get a reply from them shortly. More importantly, I hope you have recent backups for both yourself and your clients. - World Class Hosting Personalized - 9 Locations Across 4 Continents
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    Yeah there's a bit more to this story now, apparently a Script Kiddie Hacker decided he'd have fun with XiniX from what I can tell, he messed with everyone's websites.

    I think this is the final straw for me, I am probably going to host my sites myself. I'm done relying on Companies to keep their crap in order.

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    I hosted my website with this company for a couple of months. Then I found that my site was gone. I contacted the support. And they said they restored my website. But when I checked, the website is not available. I told them about that. And they just closed my ticket.

    Worst hosting company. They will take your money and remove your website.

    Avoid it!

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    They are absolutely appalling probably the worst company I have dealt with out of my 25 hosting companies that I have hosted my sites with. AVOID!!!

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    Who answers "plz standby"? English is not even my first language but c'mon... HowToBasic?...

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    Yup website is hacked again. I'm setting up my own server now, don't depend on hosting companies just host it yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Largo05 View Post
    Yup website is hacked again. I'm setting up my own server now, don't depend on hosting companies just host it yourself.
    We're not all bad. Just a few of them in the pack, I agree they seem very unprofessional and their website, well personally I wouldn't touch them.

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    beware dont buy from them

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    According to them, they host BP Oil Company's website and services....I would like to see some proof on that hahaha

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