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BurstNET® operates one of the oldest, largest, and most lucrative resale/wholesale programs in the Web Hosting industry.

BurstNET® Resale Program details:

BurstNET® encourages the resale of our complete product line. We offer resellers the ability to purchase services at a discount. These services may then be resold to the public, at a price deemed fit by the reseller. Resellers may market the services to the public with the BURSTNET® brand, or private label the product and sell to the public as their own brand. The BURSTNET® Resale Program gives you the perfect opportunity to grow in the hosting business - without risk, and without the huge capital outlay.

BurstNET® offers a flat 25% discount on all eligible resold services. The 25% discount is applicable to setup and monthy fees. You may resell all BurstNET® product lines, including Basic, 100TB, Closeout, Unmetered, & Sale offerings, which are all eligible for the resale discount! You may resell all BurstNET® service locations, including Scranton PA, Los Angeles CA, Chicago IL, Miami FL, Dallas TX, and Manchester UK/EU. You can also receive a discount on co-location, cloud computing, backup service, virtual private servers (vps), spam/virus protection, reseller packages, and virtual hosting! The discount does not apply to software licensing, domain registration, one-time fee based quotes, bandwidth overage fees, or abnormal tech support billing rates. Custom Quotes do not receive a discount, unless specified otherwise within the quote.

Simplified Ordering - Just enter reseller code on regular BURSTNET® order forms.
Support Options - BurstNET® will handle support to clients (if you direct them to us), or handle your own.
Pricing Flexibility - You are free to set your own pricing for your clients.

Relax and allow BurstNET® to maintain the technical backend of your offerings, while you can focus on your real talent - marketing and sales. The web hosting industry is growing at a record pace. Don't miss out on your chance to take advantage of this market. BurstNET® provides all the expensive equipment and network connectivity. You make the profit!

IMPORTANT: The resale discount is applicable for reseller sale to end-users & other resellers, NOT for reseller usage themselves. The selling of websites or virtual private server (vps) on a dedicated server is NOT considered "resale", and is ineligible for the resale discount. The purchased service as a whole must be sold to an end-user, or another unrelated party, in order to qualify for the resale discount. Direct reseller or end-user usage is billed at retail, non-resale pricing.

Reseller status is based upon approval by our Sales Management team. This status may be revoked at any time, however, previous sales will remain discounted. There is no setup fee to join the BURSTNET® Resale Program.

To apply, please register with us and then fill out the Reseller Application within:

BurstNET® Resale Program details:

COMING SOON: BurstNET® Reseller API --- Connect your website directly to our backend ordering system, and never place a manual order for your client's service again!

Reselling not for you? Try the BurstNET® Affiliate Program: