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    * Looking for small VPS

    Hello everyone, Actully i'm not sure i'm posting in right place but i'm posting in VPS Hosting section so i wish it's right.

    I'm Looking for a VPS which is 128 MB Rams VPS ( Small VPS )
    or Shared VPS with about 80 MB Rams.
    I Don't need like 100 GB Diskspace - 1/5 GB only would be good for me.
    and i don't need fancy Panel which would cost me alot of money, Only small CP which can do basic things such as :
    - VPS Information (Ram-Diskspace-Bandwidth status-General Info.)
    - Start-stop-restart VPS.
    - Change root password.

    i don't think that should be between 1-3$ / month.

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    1-3 $ is cost of 1 IP!! for services like this you can check and as VPSprima said. - Managed and Unmanaged Virtual & Dedicated Server|XenServer Windows & Linux VPS
    - New York City|Miami|Singapore|Hong Kong|UK|Netherlands|Germany|France|Canada​|Lithuania|Dallas
    - VPS and Dedicated Servers in 11 Global location 100% Pure SSD Reseller & Shared Host
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    Well, Where is that excatly.
    i did search but what i found wasn't what i wanted.
    I found good one 128 MB - UK for 3.90$ but the price is a bit more than i want so i will wait for others.

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    Alternatively you can look at the offers sections on these forums

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    Already did try there

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    Although there are many who do provide lowend servers such as you need but with annual plans only.One which comes to mind with monthly plans is DotVPS

    EDIT: Another one is ComsTown in Germany
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    Check ramnode.

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    I did find some good VPS's from some sites you gave me but still looking for more and still reading more opinions from other people.
    Thanks everyone for your help.

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    You would not find anything cheaper & reliable than the hosts mentioned as its not possible for any host to offer more cheaper plans than that because IPv4 addresses are expensive now due to their shortage at global level.

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    Prometeus, one of the most popular budget hosts do have a 384 Mb VPS in Dallas for 2.20 Euros(2.94 USD) though

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    I need it in UK - Italy - Germany - Netherlands.
    So the ping is being good for everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EcoHost View Post
    Check ramnode.
    Thanks for the mention!

    OP - I'm not sure how many hosts will offer what you want on a monthly payment but some offer annual payment plans to make up for payment processing fees.
    RamNode - #1 SSD VPS
    High Performance SSD and SSD-Cached VPS
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    Even if you do get anything for that price, it's most likely oversold and you'll have terrible performance. Then again, performance may not be important to you. Increase your budget to $5/mo and you'll easily find something.

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    It's not something i control, i invest specific number of money in buying VPS building on how much cash i earned this month, Even Tho. it's easy for me to use 5$ but i want it for gameserver only as i said so it would be useless to have a 256 MB or 512 MB with more than 80$ un-used.

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    Tell you one thing if you do find a VPS that fits your $3 budget be prepared for network errors and anything like that. Paying that much for a server won't benefit you unless you find the right host and you get luck.

    For one thing what ever host you go with just make sure they are as reliable as they may look you dont want the short end of the stick at all.

    But lowendbox will do you justice you'll be able to find a provider just take your time and don't just jump on the best deal you can find.

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    I found hosters for cheap price but i sent them tickets and no reply so far.
    So i will take my time and see how it go for now.

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    Well, i need 128 - 256 one xD
    Thanks anyways.

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    You will find something on Lowendbox for that price, most providers do have promotions - Defining Superior Service
    Linux & Windows VPS | Budget Dedicated Servers
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    Based in Los Angeles, CA!

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    I personally haven't seen yet a VPS offer which could fit your needs. Do you really need a VPS?

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    I need small one with price of max 1/2$ / month.
    128 MB - 256 MB
    or for VPS providers : Gameservers-TS3 allowed

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    Looking for small VPS

    Take a look at BuyVM 128MB plan at $15 a year!

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    As others have said, the way to do this cheaply is to pay annually - otherwise the cost of payment processing pushes up the amount they have to charge each month.

    There are loads and loads of providers who'd do you a 128MB VPS - you'll find them on and But the lowest-end VPS side of the industry has a very high crash-and-burn rate with providers, so (unless you fancy a gamble) you need a provider who's proved (with time) that they have a sustainable business model. Even then, back up anything crucial.

    I'd suggest looking at BuyVM ($15 per year =~ $1.25 per month), RamNode ($24 per year =~ $2 per month - but (hint Twitter) you might get that down to $16.08 per year =~ $1.34 per month), or Server Dragon ($14.99 per year =~ $1.25 per month). Server Dragon will let you pay monthly if you pay $2.50 per month. (Basically, if you're happy cover the costs of payment processing, they'll let you have it monthly)

    All 3 are solid VPS providers, and I've used all 3 very happily.

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