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    Exclamation Cannot use Rsync on reseller package?

    Hi all,
    I wanted to set up my hosting business with 2 reseller plans and have Rsync installed so all my customers can have a live back up of their site that can be routed to if the main server goes down. I will be using a failover DNS service for this.

    The first problem I have faced with this is that reseller plans do not have Rsync installed and wont allow me to have the access required to have it.

    I am guessing my option is going for a VPS then so I can use install and use Rsync?
    The only problem with this is that having 2 managed vps' could be quite expensive and I would not be confident to manage a vps on my own currently.

    Are there any other solutions that I could use?

    Thank you in advance for any advice you give,

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    Your only solution is VPS, yes since you will have root access to it compared to reseller hosting. If you are not familiar with managing vps, you can just get a managed vps.
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    Would using a cloud reseller package give me the same reliability do you think?? such as the package here -->

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    No. This won't give you root access. If there's something you're trying to rsync, you might be able to get around this with a quick PHP script and cron jobs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oscar-fs View Post
    Would using a cloud reseller package give me the same reliability do you think?? such as the package here -->
    That's just shared hosting on the cloud platform. This is a nice idea for a web hosting service and it would be a premium service so you can charge your clients a premium. Therefore 2 VPSes would be a small overhead compared to prospective revenues.
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    Cloud based reseller hosting has more uptime then regular reseller plans (where your account is setup on stand alone one server) but we can't deny the possibility of the downtime in Cloud based shared hosting as well. If the server on which your reseller account is created is overloaded, you can't do anything from our end and this can affect the websites.
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    Root access isn't required to run rsync. You don't even need a full bash shell - just a jailed shell where the provider has included the rsync binary within your jail (or is willing to provide it on request).

    But it can be hard to find reseller accounts offering even jailed SSH access to client accounts (which is what you need because even with SSH access to your own [reseller] account you won't be able to access clients' files). This is something you'd have to discuss with your current provider, or any prospective new provider - perhaps some would be willing to set up jailed shell access restricted to your IP address. If you go this way you will need to log into each client account individually to pull the backups.

    Otherwise, depending on the restrictions in place it may well be technically possible to ssh connect out from each client using a cron job, and then use rsync over that connection - cron is often less restricted than SSH - but setup is a major PITA.

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    There are some hosting companies who offer jailed shell and rsync on their reseller accounts. Hostgator is one, though they charge you $10 per SSH access on all but the parent domain.

    I did something like what you describe using one of their reseller accounts. I had a bash rsync script for each client which contained a loop that iterated through each of the client's domains, logged in via SSH using RSA private/public keys so I wouldn't have to enter passwords, and rsynced with a local backup. I put all the individual client scripts in a single folder, then wrote another bash script that iterated through all the scripts in the folder to execute them.

    There is no reason you couldn't run such a script via cron and back up to another server. It seems like you might be able to do it reseller-to-reseller that way, but I could be wrong. The destination server might need to be VPS.

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