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    Hyphens in domain names and SEO

    Hi guys,

    God, I just logged in here for the first time in years! It seems so strange.

    Anyways, my question is: are hyphenated domains penalized by google?

    For years, I've always preferred hyphens in my domain names, for legibility reasons, but now that I have a design/dev company, and clients that rely on me, I've been wanting to learn as much as possible so that their own websites don't get penalized from my lack of knowledge on the subject.

    Now, I have had one person in marketing telling me that with one hyphen it's all good. One has told me that it doesn't matter, and a bunch have told me to get the domain without hyphens whenever possible.

    Some people have also raised the question of the human factor ( is easier than my Hyphen

    What have you guys noticed? Is the myth based in truth?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Google doesn't penalize, it's just the human factor "my website is my dash site dot com" and more than one dash looks spammy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Techno View Post
    Google doesn't penalize, it's just the human factor "my website is my dash site dot com" and more than one dash looks spammy.
    Thanks for your input!

    I do know that more than one dash is prolly a spam site. I literally never go to them, especially when they have all of my keywords in the url. It's obvious.

    I think I'm just gonna try to get as many replies as possible, and go with the majority. Else I'll just drive myself insane.

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    I'm positive that hyphenated domains are not penalized by Google. However, a hyphenated domain name tends to decrease its value compared to one which doesn't have. This is from a domainer's point of view.

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    Use Google+ and youtube and you will shoot up the rankings.
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    I doubt Google would penalize anyone for using hyphens in their domain names, unless of course they were spamming, then again any name could be used to spam, hyphens or not. They wouldn't choose one domain over another just based on the name, when all are using the allowed characters, it's the actions of the domain which would cause Google to step in.

    And as for do I think hyphens make a difference to people perception of a domain? No, I wouldn't say so... a domain name should always be relevant to the business/person it's associated with, hyphens or not. You can still get spammy sounding domain names without hyphens.
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    Google does NOT penalize your site based on the domain name. Hyphen or otherwise.

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    Domain names with hyphens are week. People tend to not use the hyphen, and therefore might end up in your competitors website.

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    It is much easier to remember domains without hyphens in them. So it is best not have them in domains.

    Using hyphens may affect keyword density etc which could affect rankings in search engines.
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    It was previously deamed a bad idea as far as I know, but, it has become less of a problem with the newer Google SEO algorithms but I think its still an issue with other rival engines + I agree with HostXNow, very easy to forget a hypen or where it is placed in a domain name. & - Since 2009.
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