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    Filling up fast mysql with data


    I have an admin panel where I have to input all the towns, departments and more one by one, it is taking me so much time.

    I would like to know if any of you have a quick way or know an online software that would convert all my data which has 1 word per line into a mysql insert format.

    Thank you,


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    Hi Ben

    If you can post an example of how the data is structured, I'd have a go at a script to help. You say one word per line but that doesn't really describe it to me, do you have a sample you can post?


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    Also before I forget, I'd also need to know the mysql table structure. What's the table name and what columns does it have?

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    Re: Filling up fast mysql with data

    Just creare a csv file with all data you want to import, and create a php script to read a row at a time. Php script script should loop through each lines. I guess there will be available script, you just have to customize to match with your table structure.
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