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    Forwarding Ports in 2 Daisy Chained Routers

    I have 2 routers (Dlink and SonicWall) and im trying to host a public server on a computer behind the second router.

    I read that it's easier if both routers are in the same subnet, but neither of my routers will let me change the subnet.

    Dlink uses 192.168.0.x and Sonicwall uses 192.168.168.x

    Ive tried the following with no success:

    Dlink: Forward port 80 to the IP of the Sonicwall (

    Sonicwall: Forward port 80 to the IP of the computer running the server (

    Any idea's how i can accomplish this? I have to run both routers because one can handle wireless connections while the other cannot.
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    What you've described is exactly how it needs to be done. If you forward port 80 on the dlink to the sonicwall, and port 80 of the sonicwall to the server, logically the chain will operate as you'd expect

    Next step would be to try a telnet through on port 80 from outside your network and see what happens. You basically need to backtrack from the server to the dlink to see where an issue is if it isn't working

    I assume there's no way to connect a port from the dlink directly to the server on a spare NIC or something like that?

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    Are all the devices behind the second router?

    In this case you can set DMZ on the first router to point to the second router, then forward on the second router as you would normally.

    Otherwise, you need to forward router A to portforward to router B, and Router B forward to the device.
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    Can the D-Link run as a wireless bridge, might solve your Sonicwall issue if the D-Link bridges and the Sonicwall is your only true NAT/firewall device. Can you post a network diagram so we can see what your current setup is like?
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