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    * how to clear cache

    Hi all
    I've a webhosting space on a linux server, I've Cpanel Accelerated 2 and I want to clear the cache but I don't know how & I didn't find any tool in the Cpanel which do such operation

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    ummmm I'm newbie
    my problem is with a WP plugin (IMDB Automator v5)
    when I install it in my webhost it grabs movies with deutch titles
    and when I install the same plugin in another webhost or in a WampServer it works fine (english)
    that's why I think that the problem is with my webhost cache
    I tried to reinstall WP many times & I deleted the WP cache with plugins like "W3 Total Cache" but the problem still exists

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    Google is going to penalize your website because of the duplicate content.

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