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    barebone chassis that fits SSI MEB Motherboard

    So I have this 16 core 32gb s4985 loaded motherboard which is 16x13" (huge). but I don't have a case for it. I need a 2u and nothing larger. So far the only 2 cases I've found (which are either discontinued or too expensive) are tyan tx46, or AIC RMC2G-2Q1. Does anyone know of any other cases available that are cheap and actually in stock? Again, this is a SSI MEB Motherboard and the cases are usually about 27-28" deep to fit this board. Maybe someone has one laying around or knows of someone or somewhere that does.

    NOTE: I'd preferably want to find a cheap tx46 chassis because I have the power supply for it already and this board was made for it I think.


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    I posted this in advertising webhosting hardware also so If you need to delete it here please do so. It's sort of a "wanting to buy" request but also sort of request to learn what's available out there for building colo servers.

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