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    OpenVZ Migration


    I'm going to migrate my all OpenVZ containers to a new server. Do I need to install SolusVM before migrate containers ?

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    Without knowing the exact configuration you're using, the short answer is Yes. If you're already running SolusVM. Virtualizor has a function to import from OpenVZ, not sure if SolusVM has it.

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    If your currently using SolusVM you can use the VM migration tool to push the VPS's to the new server.

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    It would be much safer to install SolusVM before you move the containers especially if you are not sure what you are doing.

    If you use SolusVM to move the VPS then it will move the containers and update your Master server with the new VPS. If you moved them to SolusVM with out their migrate tool you will still have to import them into the SolusVM masters database before you can manged the VPS.

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    I believe SolusVM interfaces with the standard vzmigrate followed by their import script so the order by which this is done probably wouldn't matter so much.

    Pay special attention to the flags, I would at the very least set '-r' so as not to remove the container on the source node when the process completes - that way you have a fallback just in case something goes wrong you've got a safety net.
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    Do you plan to use SolusVM later on the new server or you have plans to install and use some other control panel? Or you do not want to have a control panel?|Virtual Private Servers|Dedicated Servers|
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    vzmigrate works without SolusVM.
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