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Thread: Stagnom Scam?

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    Stagnom Scam?


    I've mostly been silent on this forum, just reading the wealth of information available on this forum. It seems however it is a good time now to post a review of a couple servers I have or had with various server providers.

    My first review is going to have to be negative unfortunately. I had paid for a service from Stagnom about a week ago and it has yet to be delivered. Now if that was the only problem, I wouldn't say anything. I've seen rare cases where server providers take more than a week to get a server up. However, it is their apparent inability to respond to any support ticket or any other attempts to reach them that has forced me to file this claim.

    Here's a rough timeline of what has happened so far.
    • Oct 31 - Server Ordered and paid for via Paypal
    • Nov 2 - Support Ticket with Sales was opened asking for a status update on server.
    • Nov 4 - Ticket was closed by Stagnom without a response. I opened the ticket again by asking for an update once again.
    • Nov 5 - 24 Hours later, no response from Stagnom. I opened a new support ticket asking for cancellation and refund. Gave them a 48 hours timeline during which to either respond to the ticket or issue a refund.
    • Nov 5 - Within 6 hours from the submission of the cancellation ticket, someone obviously read my ticket and merged the ticket with the earlier one. But no response was given.
    • Nov 7 - No response was received from Stagnom at all. Paypal dispute was filed for non receipt of services.

    I believe I gave them reasonable time to respond to the tickets and reasonable time for them to resolve the issue. So far I am not getting anywhere.

    Since I have not received any services from them, I can rate them in the only thing I have actually used which is their support. Well, their support is pretty pathetic. Ignoring a support ticket earns them a score of zero in my opinion.

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    It's quite strange that you can't get a response from them. They don't have any phone you can call to ask what's going on?
    My advice would be to get in touch with Paypal if you can't work it out with them and hopefully they can get your money back. - Online in no time
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    phone support is usually the fastest way to get a hold of your host to resolve your issue.
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    Thanks for your replies. I will definitely give them a call. I hope the international calling fees aren't too bad with my phone provider.

    EDIT: oh god, my calling rates are 1.49 dollars a minute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PNNet View Post
    phone support is usually the fastest way to get a hold of your host to resolve your issue.
    While phone support may be the fastest way to talk to someone, it is no excuse for not responding to tickets - especially when they have seen the tickets and merged them. I think you gave them a more than reasonable window to respond.

    Good luck getting your money back via PayPal, and finding a host!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PNNet View Post
    phone support is usually the fastest way to get a hold of your host to resolve your issue.
    Not always
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    I get this trying to call them...

    Your international call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check the number and dial again, or call your operator for assistance.
    I tried dialing again, and I get a busy signal. Tried dialing again and I heard the same response again...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PNNet View Post
    phone support is usually the fastest way to get a hold of your host to resolve your issue.
    but still not getting a reply for the tickets in a whole week is not justified.

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    Yeah, I should have done more research before ordering. I didn't get anything in my junk mail yet, but the lack of response to tickets is quite annoying. Hopefully PayPal will take care of it. If not, then I have more than enough time to file a dispute through my bank.

    At this point even if Stagnom decides to provision a server, I wouldn't want it. Some issue with the server is going to inevitably occur and they will be sitting there ignoring my support tickets.

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions so far. I appreciate it.

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    You can try contacting Stagnom via this thread. - Security notices for the hosting community.

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    I have posted a thread. Thank you for your suggestion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by p5657587 View Post
    I have posted a thread. Thank you for your suggestion.
    No Worries. Saw you post hopefully they get back to you.
    Good luck and keep us posted. - Security notices for the hosting community.

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    Update: PayPal has concluded their investigation into my claim and has ruled in my favor. I have received a full refund for services not rendered. They must have gotten a lot of claims lately against Stagnom since they didn't even wait for the deadline for the seller to respond.

    Anyways I would like to thank everyone for their help and support.

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    I have started paying with Credit Cards for the first couple of months of service now because of issues like this. Paypal is extremely flawed when it comes to these kind of issues. If you are going to allow to to purchase "intanglable items" then they should protect people aswell.

    I am glad to hear you got your money back though.

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