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    Staminus Review

    I have seen a ton of mixed reviews on Staminus so I would like to provide my personal experience with the company. I do not work for staminus and I am a business owner that utilizes two Staminus dedicated servers.

    Staminus is a very upfront and helpful host provider. I own my own personal business and have been shuffled around from server to server due to a long history of DDoS attacks. The attacks usually range from 4 hours to 5+ days long. When I first entered a DDoS attack while hosting at Staminus I was assisted immediately. Over the course of the attacks a staff member was always available to aid my questions and concerns as well as provide me with a competent DDoS package to keep my system online without null routing.

    My most recent attack was 5.64 Gbps & 11,707,969 pps and highest attack peaking at 14.69 Gbps & 28,837,766 pps. Staminus does in fact provide great protection. We have had to modify some filters but all in all the service and protection has us online 99.9% of the time.

    If you are looking for a great host, awesome staff, quick responses, and a good DDoS protected host I would strongly recommend this hosting company.

    The price of the service is worth the experience and protection you will receive with the company.

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    Thanks for sharing your review, I used them before for a personal vps and didn't have a issue with their service, just didn't get their pro-rota lol.
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