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    Hostbill Frustrating me

    Hostbill is frustrating me to no end. Whenever i want to reclaim IPs from a dead customer it wont let me unless I go into the IPAM section kill them and the recreate them. Anybody ave a fix?

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    Just a note that OP has a problem with hostbill, he/she is not looking for other software. Please read the original post before replying.
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    ipam is there to provision and manage your ip's - this seems logical to me?

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    There is no real tie in between customers/servers/IPAM I have noticed also. Its just like when you activate/terminate an account with add-ons it doesn't automatically adjust the add-ons. We have found no fix on that issue or the one you have either, it would be nice if they spent some time fixing bugs like that instead of making new order pages.

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