I am a third level Server Administrator with proven experience in almost all flavors of Linux,Windows and FreeBSD servers. I prefer working in an environment where i can contribute to the company as well as i get something new to update my knowledge-base.

I have worked with many of the known datacenters and webhosting companies as their third level admin, team lead. I am currently seeking a job as Remote technical support representative with any of the established company. Preferably, full time.

Why Hire me ?

My exposure to Linux servers is very high. You can sleep stress free if you allow me to care your servers and at the same time you are saving your money than spending 3 to 4 times on experts of same level of my expertise.

Customer Focus:

I consider customerís success as my success. I am very much a customer-centric person. I want all my customers with a happy face and delighted to assign more work for me.

Whom I can help ?

1) My careers track started with small web hosting firms and Technical Support Companies and later into large datacenters with thousands of servers.
2) I can handle support Tickets of all levels ( L1,L2 and L3) , chat support.
3) I am also interested in doing server management and security hardening works.
4) As far as Hour rates go, I'm pretty flexible. I can work in any Shift timing too.
5) I am looking for a long term relation with the customer.
6) I love working for any datacenters.

Technical Proficiency:

1) Linux/Unix master level Knowledge: CentOS, RHEL,FreeBSD,Debian
2) Control Panels : WHM/Cpanel, Direct Admin,Plesk
3) Server Hardening/Management: Security vulnerability assessment, Server Audits and application of patches and Installation and configuration of server monitoring Scripts, O/S Security Updates, server log analysis.
4) Expert in Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and is familiar with SolusVM,OpenVZ,Virtuzzo,XEN and other custom VPS panels.
5 ) Performance Monitoring and Server Optimization.
6) Good knowledge in server load balancing and Clustering.

I am willing to learn new things and research on unexplored areas. I can adapt to your systems in a short span of time.

I am seeking a Full Time, long relationship with customers. I prefer BANK Transfer as my payment option. I can produce my detailed resume, if you are interested in my profile. I am willing to give

5 days FREE TRIAL SERVICE if reasonable customers are approaching.

Email: [email protected]