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Thread: Logo Request

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    Logo Request


    I'm looking for someone to design a Logo for a Web Hosting Company.

    There's a new website layout that it'll be used on, and obviously, I'll show you that.

    I'm willing to pay but I'm hoping to get this for as low of a price as possible. I don't have any imagination so I don't know what exactly I want, just something which will fit in with the new layout and also look appealing.

    Please send me a Private Message if you can complete this, try and include a rough estimate for a price too.


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    give them a try they have done me 3 simple logo for cheap and worth the price - USA Buffalo,NY
    We Provide Quality Hosting | Webmaster Hosting
    [email protected][/B]

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    I'm an expert designer, sent you my portfolio

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    Dear Croit,

    Call me and I can have the logo designed in $25

    Jonathan Almeida
    +1 214 295 8184

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    Please check your inbox. Thank you

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