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    Intermittent Connectivity Issues

    I am on a $25-a-month shared hosting plan from a well-known provider. I am monitoring two sites with Uptime Robot and Pingdom. Each of those services shows intermittent connectivity loss—four or five minutes at a time and usually overnight, but sometime during peak evening periods.

    I put in a ticket with the host, which responded as quickly as usual. They're reporting no incidents matching the lost connectivity.

    Can anyone offer some guidance on possible causes, or questions I should ask the host. Neither of the sites is driving much traffic at all at the moment, but one will become a primary marketing tool, so I want to address any issues now.

    Both sites are running Wordpress with minimal plugins. The datacenter is in Dallas.

    And, otherwise the service is fine. In fact, uptime remains north of 98 percent and typically above 99. But, I'd like to scratch this particular itch.

    (I know shared hosting is, well, shared hosting. I scaled down from a VPS after I stopped hosting client sites. And this is not a cheap account, at all.)

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    Could be one of the accounts is abusing the CPU / I/O Limits at certain points, could be a wordpress plugin one client has which is playing up. You could ask if they can move you to another server, or move to a host who uses CloudLinux.
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