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    Need help setting up McMyAdmin

    I own and run a popular Minecraft server, and the time has come to move to a fully dedicated server. The only issue is, my business partner only knows how to set it all up with windows... Which unfortunately for us is $500 for the OS... Now, we do have donations, but not that amount just for the OS.

    I'm here asking if there is a specific way we should be going about it, or if there is anyone here I could hire and pay over PayPal for setting it up for us.

    Ideally, we want to use Ubuntu, as I at least know a little about it. We are wanting to set up multiple Minecraft servers to run side by side, and link in a hub formation.

    Server specs:
    E3 1245v2
    32GB DDR3
    240GB SSD
    200Mbs uplink

    The server has not yet been purchased, but will be as soon as we know exactly what we are doing. We would like the minecraft servers live a week from now.

    If anyone could help, I would be forever grateful.
    - Kiwi

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    Maybe you should ask on the forums at McMyAdmin. You should download VirtualBox install Ubuntu and try installing McMyAdmin.

    Check this page out:
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    I have used McMyAdmin extensively over the past years and can do this for you. Shoot me a PM.

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