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    Can you please tell me what you think of my site I am still completing work on it. But as of right now How does it seem? Here

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    If you change this CSS rule on the body tag - not too bad
    HTML Code:
    body {
    font-family: sans-serif; // will use OS native font - will look more native
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    when u place cursor on menu.. its not working cool check out

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    The input field in your search box does not fit relatively to the height of background image. You also should preload your hover images (for your navigation menu) by placing them at the bottom of your document inside an invisible div. You could also use javascript to preload, but I prefer css.
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    Website looks fine! But, when I move my cursor on the navigation bar when I first load the site, the navigation bar disappears, giving me no text at all.

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    Nice layout; good color scheme. The gray bar on footer needs some work as it's 'jagged'. Could be the images (DELL, CISCO, AMD, etc.) are causing to expand and get out of line.
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    I would make the "Buy Now" buttons have hover effects . It seems kind of outdated without hover effects.
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    I like the look and feel of the web site. When hovering over the menus it takes a second the first time to load the hover image. You may want to use some javascript code to preload those images. Other then that it looks great. - Content Management / Portal Software Solutions
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    You should preload the mouseover images in the menu with javascript.

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