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Thread: Business Growth

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    Business Growth

    I was thinking and I know that the web hosting industry is made up of a lot of over night host and ones that are there for just the money. Are there a lot of companies buying others out to grow or do you have a lot of organic growth? I know EIG Buys companies and then makes them crap but what about the small average host not the large multimillion dollar group.

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    organic here, the buying out game can be so much trouble, you can loose a lot of money, clients get mad if things are not moved properly, but a lot do it for growth and have the money to do so

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    Organic. I've thought of buying other small hosts that want out of the game.
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    Organic here as well..

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    Re: Business Growth

    Purchasing other hosts will just bring stress as you inherit problems. It can be done successfully as long as you habe the right stratergy I think.
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    Organic growth like others have said.
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    If you can afford to buy hosts then that's the way forward and will lead to faster growth. We've bought the odd small host here and there. If you can pick up a 100 clients here and there that's easily absorbed into your current systems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hostus-ryan View Post
    Purchasing other hosts will just bring stress as you inherit problems. It can be done successfully as long as you have the right strategy I think.
    So true. To the OP be careful if buying businesses;

    1. Expect around 50% of the clients to leave.

    2. Expect some of the clients to be inactive or fakes.

    3. Expect headache, and understand that what your doing is typically the easy route.

    Although your experiences may differ, the above are mine.

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