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    * Mailing Problems

    I put together Text Ad Exchanges and then sell them on with hosting. This is a fairly new business and was just a progression from being a Traffic/Ad Exchange Owner. My knowledge of all things hosting was limited and I took a reseller account not realising that things like mailing had limits. My problem now is that a couple of the sites have got to the 200 member mark, lots of emails are bouncing back as my host only allows 100 emails per hour, this will only get worse as the member base grows. The sites all have a cron set up to send 1 solo email per hour to the whole membership. Does anyone know what would be the best company/alternative for my needs bearing in mind that I am a new business and need to keep my costs down.

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    You could run your emails through a VPS which shouldn't have a rate limit. However, you would need to make sure the subscribers opt in, the senders are compliant, and you're running everything as legitimately as possible. Even VPS providers will get mad if you damage their IP reputation, so you want to make sure every message is legit.

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    Thanks. Yes, I was thinking of VPS but have been quoted an amount I cannot currently afford. All of the members have opted in to receive emails so that should not be a problem. I would love some suggestions for cheap, reliable, reseller VPS Hosting.

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    did you check the offer section for VPS (

    any cheap VPS that offers one IP and 512mb ram should be fine. You can install postfix or exim on it and "proxy" the emails through it... look into "postfix relay" or "exim relay"...
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