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    * I made a mistake! My domains are still within GoDaddy's redemption period!

    OMG! I made a mistake. I'm still within GoDaddy's redemption period! My fault for not rechecking the dates, from expiration up until the end of redemption. My figures were wrong!

    I had the dates right weeks ago, but my rethinking the past few days was way off, and what set me off is seeing my domains open to the public for a brief moment, probably for GoDaddy to auction them since it's within their right according to their policy. I should be able to get them at regular renewel rates after the redemption period, that's if GoDaddy doen't find any buyers.

    Moderators, please delete my previous post about GoDaddy! They have done no wrong!

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    Surely update the previous post with this one?
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