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    EMAIL: One domain to another, and then another?

    Hello everyone, new here and have a bit of a question I'm not sure is even possible. Or it may be super simple. Not sure! haha

    I am new to this kind of stuff, and I really don't know the correct terminology, so please if I am saying it wrong, tell me.

    Current situation:
    Our current email( is through godaddy and hosted here at our shop in house.

    The new email( we have is through network solutions(I know) network solutions hosts it currently. is also our website address.

    We just got brand new computers(our old ones are around 6+ years old or more now) and we signed up for Office 365 with exchange included.

    We only have about 15 people with emails.

    What we want to do:
    We want to be changed to, we don't want to be hosted here in house anymore, rather on/with Microsoft. I have already gotten the all connected to Office 365 and it is all setup and ready to go... but my only hangup is:

    How do I make all the email flow into the new address from the old one
    Will I merely just point the IP address?
    Do I have to leave the usernames alone, so all that changes is the domain?
    Would it maybe help if I transferred to Microsoft Office 365 on my admin control panel?

    I know I may be making it confusing, I just am not sure what to do when it comes to email.. haha

    Thanks so much in advance!

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    Huh... where am I again?
    There are two ways you can do that:
    • Setup mail forwarding at to forward all mail to Keeping mail at the same server
    • In office 365, add as a second domain and aliasing the first one
    In both cases, mail clients will need to be changed to use the new users for .
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    An alias would be better in the long run as it prevents having a secondary system in place for the old domain.

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    You should have a rep at Microsoft (or the VAR from which you purchased) that can setup the alias for you. In the long run, it will likely be better as you won't have an additional dependency or increased scope of responsibility with the extra forwarding server.

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