is offering our limited time NEW52011 coupon, $5 recurring monthly discount as long as you have the service with us. Our PBX priced at $24.99/mo(or $19.99/month with coupon NEW52011).

We just made available multiple variance of PBX In A Flash It is the newest PBX release from PBX In A Flash team. Test drive the Incredible PBX 4.0 with the PIAF brown and FreePBX 2.10. We are premier PBX In A Flash partner. Thanks to PIAF team. We have customized scripts build by to ensure proper PBX In A Flash installation. Checkout Travelin’ Man 3 to harden your PBX security.

We would like to announce our newest node in United Kingdom. This node is hosted in one of the UK’s leading Data Center with many local peering as well as connection to major Carrier.

At RentPBX, We only have Asterisk/FreePBX, Freeswitch based PBX VPS. We do not sell generic type of VPS. Therefore, we would be able to concentrate to optimize our system for IP-PBX. Our customers are using our system for PBX application. You will not be sharing system with someone running IRC, Proxy, video hosting, game server and etc.

The asterisk comes installed with proper Zaptel or Dahdi module for proper Meetme or Music on hold functionality. It comes with root access and 1 public IP.

Our service comes with 7 Days money back guarantee for any reason.

Our servers are located in one of the most premium data center in Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Chicago, New Jersey, Seattle, Tampa Bay, Miami, Mountain View, Los Angeles, Toronto Canada, United Kingdom and Germany.

We have the following templates
+Asterisk 1.4
+Asterisk 1.6
+Asterisk 1.8
+AsteriskNow 1.7
+AsteriskNow 2.0
+Elastix 2.4
+FreePBX 4.211.64-7 distro
+Trixbox 2.8.4
+Trixbox 2.6.3
+PBX in a Flash all variance.
+PBX in a Flash 1.7 Gold
+PBX in a Flash 1.7 Silver + a2billing 2.0.1
+PBX in a Flash 1.7 Bronze + AvantFax/Hylafax
+Asterisk 1.7 with different variance
+GoAutoDial 3.0 (Vicidial)
+Blue.Box 1.0.3
+SipExec 4.4

- 400MB Ram.
- 400GB Traffic per month.
- 20GB of disk space.
- Zaptel/DAHDI devices to support the operation of Music-on-hold (MOH) and conferencing (Meetme).
- Raid system for redundancy.
- 1 Public IP Address.
- SSH root access.
- Instant Setup with Paypal or Google Checkout.
- Options for Asterisk, AsteriskNOW, Elastix, PIAF, Trixbox and many other.

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RentPBX.Com - A full-featured VOIP IP Linux PBX Hosting VPS Servers with Asterisk, Trixbox, Elastix, PBX in a Flash, AsteriskNOW and many others.

We develop the future of IP-PBX