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    10 GB of ram on 32 bit OS VPS

    Ok so I got this new VPS, great deal, great support etc. But one thing puzzles me: it's running on OpenVZ, I've got 10 GB of RAM on it, but they installed a 32 bit version of Centos with Cpanel. I asked support about it and they said that it will work, that all the 10 GB of RAM can be used and that it's not a problem.

    I was under the impression that you need a 64 bit OS for anything over 3 GB of RAM.

    Am I missing something ?

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    You could always have them reload the OS with a 64bit distro and then reinstall cPanel.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I know I can do that, but is it necessary? Will it work this way ?

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    Check the About page for CentOS:

    up to 16GB RAM is available for 32bit versions. - Linux & Windows Xen VPS Servers
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    If its OpenVZ, the OS on the VPS is still utilizing the host nodes 64bit kernel. So you are still getting all of your RAM resources. OpenVZ 32bit containers on a 64bit host node, is really just 32bit libraries installed in the container. The kernel (which would still be 64bit) is what will be handling the RAM allocation, in which case, your all set. Now if it was Xen or KVM 32bit, then you would not receive your full 10GB allocation of RAM, as those are full virtual environments, including independent kernels.
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    Why would you use a 32-bit OS with such resources? :-)
    Linux can deal with 4GB+ when using a PAE kernel, but you still have 32-bit limitations per process (4GB memory)... so pretty much useless unless you have lots of processes that use less than 4GB memory.

    But as your VPS is based on OpenVZ (and in the topic start, it sounds like it's still "clean" except a CPanel install), my personal choose would be a reinstall with a 64-bit OS to make it all "future proof" // Where quality meets you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ethernet Servers View Post
    You could always have them reload the OS with a 64bit distro and then reinstall cPanel.
    You cannot run 64Bit OpenVZ Templates on a 32Bit RHEL5 Kernel. You need RHEL6 (x64) to do this - [Host Node Kernel].

    Furthermore, 32bit OS have modified kernels (-PAE) which allow for RAM greater than maximum for 32bit kernels. This is perfectly fine and as long as the host node is displaying 16/32GB of RAM sure he can prioritise 10GB Burst/Dedicated to a couple of VPS's on the system. & - Since 2009.
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