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    Need VPS control panel advice

    I am starting a web hosting business soon, and I will be offering only Xen/KVM VPSes, no OpenVZ.
    Firstly, I am not sure on which one to go with, Xen or KVM? I know its a big battle, but I'd want something that is supported, trusted, and provides better performance over the other. I know both KVM and Xen are well supported, and from what I've heard, KVM would provide slightly better performance.
    I was planning on using either SolusVM or Virtualizor, and I tried them both for that matter. Surprisingly enough, I hated them both. Both charge around $10 per month, though that is not the problem. The problem is, both are quite complex, and while solusvm provides more functionality, virtualizor provides a better UI.
    I'd like to stay away from both of them if I can. I know about OpenStack, both rackspace and digitalocean use them, but I won't have NAS, since that seems to be a requirement to run OpenStack. Also, from what I've understood, OpenStack doesn't fall into the category of panels, its rather a different category. Then there's cloudstack, seen demos for it, seems pretty good, but I'm still looking.
    I would not spend money on OnApp though, as even though it has a nice interface, its only an excessively costly solution.
    What should I go with? I want to get up and running as fast as possible, and with as little configuration as possible. What I want is minimal manual work, automation at the core. So I'd like to add servers(physical ones that is) and would expect the panel/solution to look after most of the configuration.
    I've tested ProxMox as well, though not extensively, so don't really know a lot about it.
    What I want is something that will be able to scale, I don't want to change my panel once I start growing and adding more and more servers. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, is openstack a replacement for solusvm?

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