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    CSF rules across multiple servers?


    I am trying to get my head around setting up a method whereby I can automatically deploy new configurations to CSF.

    My initial idea was to setup a cron that runs twice a day (12am - 12pm) and pull down a .txt file from a central server.

    But my question is, what format will this "central" config file be in? and how would i load it into CSF?

    Once the file is installed, each server will restart CSF to reload the new config.

    Is this is a bad way of doing it? How do you roll out new CSF rules / changes across many servers?

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    have a read here


    see section 4. csf Command Line Options

    csf.conf - the main configuration file, it has helpful comments explaining what each option does

    should get you started .

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    CSF configs shouldn't be changed daily, hourly, weekly, etc. They should be effectively set and forget, and you really want to be careful when simply copying from A to B , as that can result in some bad things.

    If you're looking for clustering blocks, etc, take a look through the config file for lfd clustering. Should be pretty straightforward
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