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    Advice required - for new site on existing host

    Its time to work on generatating some new business, however one thing I personally struggle with is how to do this. Its not all about price, and even with GREAT prices its still difficult to find people in a saturated market.

    Am I right in thinking that most of the money out there these days is for receiving domain transfers? or are there still plenty of registrations happening?

    There are forums like this, but the best method of generating new business is word of mouth and recommendations.

    Even something like:

    "I use these to host, try them" or "I have heard of these, not used them but look good"

    Anyone got any advice for this - odds are if there are other hosts on here advice could be difficult as potentially it would take business away from them, but have to at least ask.

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    It's really hard for noobs like us to generate revenue from sites, I only can generate about $5 from my forum by dedicating banner add space.

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    Thanks Prince, SEO potential from paid linkage is something we will be considering, however not yet

    Working on organic and friends first, trying to generate a little reputation with our new site. Our old one has a good rep now, but its been a while since we launched a new hosting site, so having to re-learn everything.

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